Book jackets

White Egrets

By Derek Walcott

Frank O’ Hara, the Tibor de Nagy Years

This was not the design ultimately used, but I prefer it best.

Christopher Sunset

Poems by Geoffrey Nutter

Horse Latitudes

By Paul Muldoon.

Lascivious Something

Three plays by Sheila Callaghan

Assorted Poems

By Susan Wheeler

Selected Poems

By Dara Wier

Selected Translations

By Ted Hughes

Selected Poems

By Ted Hughes

Letters of Ted Hughes

Moy, Sand, and Gravel

By Paul Muldoon

A Village Life

By Louise Gluck

Watching the Spring Festival

By Frank Bidart

Silhouette of a Sparrow

By Molly Beth Griffin

Milkweed Editions 2012

Wonderful Investigations

by Dan Beachy-Quick

The City, Our City

Poems By Wayne Miller

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